Reasons Why Your Marketing Is Failing and How A SEO Company Will Fix It

There are a lot of companies today that have a website that isn’t working to build their brand. Bloggers out there are experiencing the same diminished return on their investment. There are a lot of different problems that are getting compounded and it’s starting to take a toll on many website owners. If you have found your reach going down, you need to look at the reasons why your existing marketing campaigns aren’t doing well and how the simple step of hiring a SEO Company can fix it for the better. This may sound outlandish, and it may seem like it’s too good to be true, but there are some serious problems that you may be facing that can be reversed if you just let someone else take the reins. It’s easy to assume that if you stay the course things will eventually cycle into a positive, but you will not tip into a positive relationship of traffic if you do not first recognize the issues. The following are some of the reason why your site is not gaining market share.

There Is No Email Marketing Being Done

SEOIf you’re not getting in line with email marketing, you are missing out on one of the most crucial ways to target users online. In the past, you could simply utilizes RSS to reach a wide audience but it has been diminished for a long time now. Since Google decided to drop support of their reader, millions of sites stopped posting places where you can get the feed and many don’t even check their old feeds to begin with. You can try to argue the point, but you will be in the minority when it comes to advocating the use of the syndication. Instead, people are using email more and more to get real time updates from blogs they follow and they subscribe to newsletters for updates as well. If you are not collecting emails and serving the audience in this manner, then you will not be able to grow past a certain point in your branding today. A SEO Company will set you up with a module to capture the emails, and set up a subscription based protocol to market to people directly. Email will lead you to better traffic, more conversions, and possibly a great deal of revenue.

Your Brand is Not Alive on Social Networks

Too often companies put their social media profile on auto pilot. You’ve most likely seen this happen in your feed. Someone sets up an updater that only emulates the postings on another site, and they never login, they never comment, and you just see updates happen. Look at comments in their posts and they will never have a reply from the site owner and it will be known as a “BOT”. Bots are everywhere and you can easily ruin your reputation if you become one, especially if you want to get more people commenting and engaging on your website. You have to look at building relationships with people instead of just throwing information at them. It’s far too easy to just throw content at people and expect to get a lot of traffic. It will not happen in that way, it just won’t. Do this often, become a bot, and you will be pegged as a spammer and your social media profiles could get flagged and taken down. That will cause a great deal of turmoil for your brand.

You Stop Updating Your Website

Do you want to make sure that you’re forgotten online. Stop posting updates on your site. Millions of sites right now are 100% dormant. They haven’t been updated in so long that they are no longer alive and will not even show up in search results. Sure, you may find that on page 10 of keywords for your site you are there, but as far as the first page and within the first few results, you will be nowhere. Check analytics to see if you’re getting any traffic and you’ll see a huge drop off will greet you. Millions of sites see this and there’s no end in sight. If you want to engage a global audience, you will need to hire a SEO Company to ensure that you are constantly updating your page. Whether you have a blog or an ecommerce solution, updates should be done all the time, on a set schedule and you should never just leave it alone.

Sweeping Changes From A Professional SEO Company

The aforementioned options are some reasons why your marketing is failing, and more importantly your website is diminishing in terms of reach. If you want to change the course, you will definitely want to take into account the greatness of hiring a company to help you with SEO and marketing as a whole. A good SEO Company will not just take your site and start throwing traffic at it. It will take the issues mentioned above and many other problems you may have and they will completely turn things around. They will utilize a number of tools to find out what you’re doing wrong, and then focus on rebuilding things the right way. Over time, with the help of a professional company, you will not only see a huge turn around, but you will trump your competition as well.

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Popular Customizations Available for Portable Storage Containers

Companies utilize portable storage containers as additional storage space. However, they are also used as office spaces for on-site employees and housing option for some people. Due to this function, buyers can customize the container according to specific needs. Common customizations done in these containers are the following:

Installing windows

Houses and offices are incomplete without windows for ventilation and letting light penetrate inside the space. Fortunately, buyers can customize the space with windows and window systems without Storage containers are used for shipping, which means they don’t have installed windows at that time. Buyers can opt to customize their containers with windows or go with a dealer with containers that have pre-installed windows. Clients, however, must keep in mind that these pre-installed windows are basic standards. Enhancing their features is possible.

Setting up electric systems

portable storage containersElectrical systems are crucial for offices. Installing this system inside the container is simple with experts’ help. Portable storage containers have spaces for electrical wires and can be installed with sockets for supplying electricity within the space. Again, this is an add-on system because the original containers don’t have this feature.

Integrate HVAC systems

Houses and offices needed to have HVAC systems for promoting comfort. Installing HVAC systems can be done with HVAC systems with tools that allow them to setup pipes and other essentials to keep them running properly. HVAC professionals have numerous HVAC systems that will suit specific container sizes and clients’ requirements. Installing HVACs should not be a problem for these experts.

Support plumbing systems

Installing plumbing systems in portable storage containers can be a challenge for regular repair people, but plumbing experts can easily install these systems inside portable containers and keep them running perfectly.

Plumbing system installation includes placing the right pipes and fixtures according to the container’s location and the available water source in the area. Professional plumbers know how to install these systems in portable containers and ensure proper running water at all times.

Aside from actual plumbing system, plumbers can also set up modular sink areas to ensure its occupants will get the function they need and be comfortable inside their special homes.

Shelves for special storage

Shelves are important for both residential properties and offices. Special techniques will help clients install shelves in their portable containers. Drills are used on the interior surfaces, which are durable enough to withstand these customizations. Shelves can also be installed for containers used as craft rooms and as special tool shed.

Interior finishing

Interior finishing may refer to the simple act of applying paint, but special customizations can be chosen to make portable storage containers look more unique than the usual. Clients with sufficient painting knowledge can do the job themselves or professional painters who gained experience in painting these containers.

Aside from paint contractors, clients can also choose to hire services of professional homebuilders for placing additional walling options and boost their homes in containers more beautiful.


Placing furnishings is something anyone can do. Clients can choose specific types of furnishings according to their requirements. Homes can have more furnishings ranging from wood furnishings and appliances. Clients just need to find the right furnishings based on the containers’ space.

On the other hand, offices may require fewer furnishings. They will only be limited to computer tables, chairs and shelves for keeping their documents.

Wide varieties of customizations are available for portable storage containers, but remember that they are only applicable for purchased containers. Renting a container won’t allow clients to apply these customizations to give way to the next users. Clients, however, can take advantage of pre-installed customizations as long as dealers offer them.

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4 Factors to Consider Before Using a Virtual Private Server

Some people connect to a virtual private server because it can be used for one or more operating systems. The operating systems may be installed in one computer. Consider the following factors if you want to connect to a VPS.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

The virtual private server can protect your computer by using a SSL certificate. There are 10 kinds of SSL certificates:

1.Code signing SSL certificate

2.E-mail SSL certificate

3.Symantec SSL certificate

4.Self-signed SSL certificate

5.Extended validation SSL certificate

6.Single-name SSL certificate

7.Wildcard SSL certificate

8.Domain-validated SSL certificate

9.Business Validation SSL certificate

10.Multi-domain SSL certificate

virtual privateThe code signing SSL certificate keeps your software free from virus as the software is downloading. The e-mail SSL certificate protects the sender’s e-mail content until it reaches the receiver. The Symantec SSL certificate matches the domain owner to an authentic business. The self-signed SSL certificate is created by the domain owner. It usually doesn’t require people to submit valuable information.

Operating System Template

There are two kinds of operating system templates. The first type requires an Intel Pro Network Card. The second type needs 10 GB of disk space. Examples of the first type of operating system template are Windows Server 2008 R2 Web and Windows Server 2012. Examples of the second type of operating system template are Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop and Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop.


You can use the virtual private server to connect to any of the 11 typical websites:

1.Personal website

2.E-commerce website

3.Celebrity website

4.School website

5.Informational website

6.Writer website

7.Brochure website

8.Gallery website

9.Corporate website

10.Mobile website

11.Forum website

The personal website is where you can post about your daily life. It may also contain your hobbies and resumes. The e-commerce website is where you can sell goods and services. The celebrity website is where you can post information that’s relevant to the celebrity.

School events and other school notifications are found on the school website. Informative articles are found on the informational website. The articles may re-direct readers to e-commerce websites. The writer website is where your list of books and their excerpts can be found. It’s also where your biography is.

The brochure website shows information about the services and products of an e-commerce website. The gallery website is where your artworks and pictures are found. People can read information about a corporation and its services on the corporate website. The mobile website is where people can view computer-sized websites. Discussions between users, administrators, and moderators can be found on the forum website.

PC (Personal Computer)

The PC is available in 7 types:


2.All-in-one desktop computer

3.Desktop replacement computer



6.Desktop computer

7.Workstation computer

The laptop is lightweight and portable. It doesn’t need to be connected to an external power outlet if its battery isn’t empty. The all-in-one desktop computer may have the appearance of the desktop computer. It also may have a touchscreen display.

The desktop replacement computer looks like a laptop. It dissipates heat better than the netbook and the laptop. The tablet only requires a stylus or your finger to operate it. Its keyboard may be virtual or detachable. You can rotate its touchscreen display if it’s attached to a non-removable keyboard.

The netbook is lighter and smaller than the laptop. The desktop computer requires a keyboard, a mouse, and a separate monitor. The workstation computer is used by video editors and game developers. This is because it stores more data when it’s connected to a virtual private server.

Check if you’re able to connect to a virtual private server after knowing these factors. Unauthorized people shouldn’t access your private information online.

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Things to consider in buying research chemicals

In order to buy research chemicals that will certainly be useful in your scientific endeavors, it’s necessary to consider most (if not all) of the following:

1. What do you need it for?

Do you need the reagent or solution just for general purposes or are you going to conduct an analysis using it? For example, there is what people call analytical grade ethanol and a technical grade one. The analytical grade alcohol is mostly used for analytical purposes obviously, such as for obtaining pure products and measuring the purity of substances. It can also be used in experiments that require a lot of precision and accuracy, such as in molecular biology where the littlest of things matter. On the other hand, technical grade ethanol can be used for general cleaning of bench tops and work surfaces. In mammalian cell culture however, it would probably be safest to sterilize everything with an analytical grade 70% ethanol rather than using the general one.

2. Do you need it in solid or in solution form?

To buy research chemicals in solid form or in their natural forms is a lot cheaper as compared to buying them in liquid (or solution) form. This is because you can just dilute proper amounts of the reagent with proper amounts of sterile distilled water and you are done. It could mean a little more hard work if you are going to make a dozen different solutions at once, but it is considerably cheaper. In cell culture however, sometimes it would be best to buy research chemicals such as the media, antibiotics, and other additives in prepared solutions because the sample is very sensitive even to the slightest of concentration and component changes. Contamination, which is a great concern in the world of science, can also be significantly reduced or totally avoided.

3. How much do you need and in what concentrations?

chemicalsSimilar to grocery shopping, buying research chemicals in bulk can be a lot cheaper. However, you do not have to buy several kilograms’ worth of reagents that are rarely used or that are near their expiry dates. In terms of concentrations, it is best to buy the more concentrated solutions than the less concentrated ones. You can just simply dilute the concentrated solution in order to obtain the one that you need. However, it would be difficult or impossible for you to make a 12 M hydrochloric acid from a 6 M one.

4. Do you know your supplier?

In every shopping activity, one should know where the products came from in order to get some assurance that the shoes will never give up on you no matter how much you run, or that the your new computer will be much faster for example. The same principle is true when one needs to buy research chemicals. Scientists and researchers should make sure that the manufacturer and suppliers can be trusted. They should have more than two or three manufacturing, operating, and selling certifications and licenses. They should have top quality controls and standards. Their products should be proven and tested by more than two independent research bodies. It would also be great if there are publications by independent researchers about their products in order to be sure when it comes to performance and stability.

These things may seem all too simple and probably all too obvious they need not to be written. However, if these little things are taken for granted it would be a huge loss not only to you as a researcher but also to your laboratory. Your hard-earned funds will be put to waste and so will be your all-nighters.

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Lanyards and How ID Lanyards Encourage You to Wear Your IDs

IL-1Keeping your personal belongings close to you does not only allow you to look after them. It also allows you to use them whenever you need them. You can put them in your wallet, in your pocket, or inside your bag. And a fun and cool way to keep your personal belongings close to you is by using a lanyard. A lanyard is an accessory that is usually worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry and attach an object. Using a lanyard gives you the assurance that the object attached to it will be visible to you most of the time.

There are different kinds of ID lanyards with also different uses. A neck lanyard is usually made of polypropylene material. It can be used for attaching keys, ID cards, and name badges. A badge lanyard is usually made of flat polyester material and is used to attach name badges and ID badges. A breakaway lanyard is made of polyester material and is also detachable. It is usually used for ID badges, ID cards, and security purposes. Adjustable lanyards come with slide adjuster to prevent you ID from turning.

ID Lanyards are used in almost everywhere by everyone. These are accessories which are attached to all kinds of IDs whether it is for a student ID, an employee ID, or a government ID. They are usually made of cloth material which come with a specific kind of slider and can be worn around the neck, wrist, or shoulder. Most schools and companies that require the wearing of IDs suggest the wearing of lanyards to be attached to the student’s or employee’s ID. Some schools and companies even provide for free lanyards. It does not only make it easier for the student or the employee to wear his ID, it is also a fun and unique way to encourage him to wear his ID at all times.

There are different kinds of lanyards that you can choose from. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors depending on your creativity. From plain style ID Lanyards to customized ones, you will never run out of choices and always feel excited about wearing your ID. An ID Lanyard with a swivel hook can be used to attach any kind of ID. It is made of OptiBraid round material with round or diamond slider. You can also choose an ID lanyard with a trigger hook attachment accessory. The size of its imprint area and the lanyard itself also varies. Usually, the imprint area of a standard ID lanyard has a measurement of 19 mm. On the other hand, the size of the ID lanyard itself ranges from 6 mm – 914 mm on average. Furthermore, you can also choose what ID lanyard color you would want to wear but black or white is already a good choice.

Moreover, the following are other standard kinds of ID Lanyards:

ID lanyard with a loop, ID lanyard with a gripper, and ID lanyard with a ring. You can choose from these different kinds of ID Lanyards depending on which is the most suitable for your own need. Using an ID Lanyard is one of the most innovative ways to wear your ID at all times. It entails upon you the habit of wearing your ID in your school or office while having a good time wearing it.

You may also wear ID Lanyards as a fashion statement. There are different kinds of statement that you can print on your ID Lanyard depending on your mood for the day. All of these encourage you to wear your ID at all times while being artistic at the same time.

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Callaway Ladies Merchandise at Rockbottomgolf

Golf has gone a long way and has produced some of the finest female athletes out there. Golf products have also developed equipment specialized for women to optimize your game.

Callaway Golf is one of the game’s top brands for golf equipment. They have developed technology that has pioneered and influenced the game itself – such as the Big Bertha. From clubs to shoes, Callaway provides nothing but the best sporting gear for the sport.

These are some of the top products of Callaway for all the lady golfers, both serious and avid players.


X2 Hot Irons 8 Piece Graphite

Callaway Callaway Golfdelivers the X2 Hot Irons. The iron has the Deep Central Undercut, Stabilizing Arch, and Perimeter Weighting to optimize your game play.

Solaire Wedge Graphite

The Solaire Wedge optimizes the swing to heighten the balls flight. With its Perimeter weighting, this wedge delivers the kind of height needed to get the ball in place before putting.

Solaire Fairway Wood

Callaway Golf is known for their technological enhances in their equipment. The Solaire Fairway is one of these products. Through thorough and intensive research, the brand has developed a specially designed wood for women based on various swings and female physiology. This maximizes the strength and efficiency of the wood to surely send the ball flying long and far.

X2 Hot Hybrid

The X2 Hot Hybrid is designed to be the versatile club for your swing. The hybrid is provided with Hyper Speed Face Cup, making the ball fly faster and increase its speed in flight. The club is designed similarly as a driver to utilize its strength and robustness for optimal swings.


Novas Golf Shoes

This foot wear offers comfort and lightness for those who need both. The Novas provides efficiency in performance and style in look.

Savory Waterproof Golf Shoes

When nature is not on your side, the Savory Waterproof is the ideal pair for such circumstances. This is designed to appear classic, feel comfortable, and provide security.

Koko Golf Shoes

Koko offers both a unique kind of style and substance for golfers. It is a light and comfortable pair that is equipped with Callaway technology for maximum performance.

Jacqui Golf Shoes

Callaway Golf continues to manufacture comfortable and durable golf shoes with Jacqui. The footwear is equipped with Callaway’s full grain leather and ortholite insert for its feel and performance.


Ladies Warbird Xtreme Stand Bag

The stand bag that provides effectiveness and accessibility during the game, the Ladies Warbird Stand Bag delivers hard! The bag is a lightweight, weighing only 6lbs. It provides spaciousness with its 9” oval top with 7 full length dividers for your clubs.

Callaway Tour Authentic Glove

Providing Two-Finger Seamless technology and AAA Tour grade Cabretta, the Tour Authentic Gloves gives effective grip and comfortable fit for the golfer.

Callaway Trucker Style C Cap

On a hot day in the field, you’ll need some shade from the glaring sunlight. The cap has breathable soft mesh to keep your hair cool. Callaway Golf caps are sure to make you look and feel good on the course.

Some of the products listed are just a preview of the features. You’ll find more great Callaway Golf products at is a site that offers affordable golf equipment. They have all that you need, from clubs, bags and carts to shoes, caps and sunglasses! Callaway is one of their hottest brands at incredibly low prices.

All of the products above are available at You can also find the full description and customer reviews of each product to help you with your purchase.

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Different Types of Depository Safes

Depository safes are commonly used as a temporary storage for cash. You can use this to keep your cash, or any certificate or receipt, safe for a meantime before depositing it in the bank or in a more secure safe.

Commercial establishments, such as offices, restaurants, and retail stores use these safes. Post offices also use this safe for their packages. These can also be great for certain valuable at home except for guns.

Depository safes can also be used at home. It’s a great place to keep your jewelries, family pictures, and even media storage devices. If you are planning to get one, either for your office or your home, it’s best to familiarize yourself to its different types. Each of these is designed to fit specific needs, especially for office use.

Standard drop safe

A standard drop safeDepository Safes has an area where you can drop the item directly into the chamber where it will be kept. It is big enough for your deposit bag to fit. To protect the items from being fished out, two set of jagged edges are found in between the dropping area and the compartment below it (where the item is kept). You can easily see the other set of jagged edge when you open the compartment. It is just right above acting like the box’s ceiling.
Rear load deposit safe

This safe is ideal for cashiers or donation boxes. You can place the safe in a room that is secure. There is often another opening that can be found on the opposite wall where items can be deposited.

Offices also use these depository safes for submitting petitions or documents. The managers and owners are given the advantage of keeping documents or any items dropped by employees in a locked room. Any unauthorized personnel can’t enter it, thus keeping valuables safer.

Rotary hopper deposit safe

This type of safe is an efficient solution in keeping large amounts of cash and checks. At the top of the safe is the rotary hopper. When an item is placed on the hopper, there is a drum that rotates to drop the item into the storage chamber.

Through the wall deposit safe

Just like the rear load deposit safe, the through-the-wall deposit safe allows people to drop valuables from a room while the main chamber is kept safe on the other side of the wall. This can be mounted to the door or wall. You can see this kind of safe in auto rental dealership.

Double chamber deposit safe

Double chamber deposit safe, as the name indicates, has two chambers. The top chamber is where items that were dropped off are kept safe. You can store money in this chamber or other important documents.

The lower chamber is another area with its own lock. It is not connected to the drop which makes it more secure to keep other items such as jewelries, books, and records used at work.

Inside teller drop

The inside teller drop safe has an inner cabinet, in the safe’s main compartment, with its own lock. The inner cabinet is connected to the drop, where all items are kept safe and secure. A key is used to keep it locked, which allows the owner or manager to be the only person with access to it. Cashiers and tellers use this type of drop safes. It allows them to organize documents and receipts while keeping the money in the inner cabinet.

These are the different types of depository safes you can choose from. Depending on the items you wish to keep in it and where you will use it, you can have the safe that fits your needs.

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Features of misting fans

Summer is a time for everyone to have fun but when the hot weather sinks in, it can become really uncomfortable. Instead of enjoying the day, everybody would simply wish for it to end and cool down at home. But with a misting fan, all of this can change. A misting fan is innovation of the old revolving fan. It now comes with a mister, a device that sprays water into a fine mist. The heat from the air is then absorbed by the mist which then turns the small water droplets into vapor. This is how a misting fan cools down the air. Misting fans are equipped with different features to satisfy the need of every user. They are also great for both outdoor and indoor activities.


  • Tanks - Standard misting fans come with tanks where water is stored. The tanks vary in capacities. Some are as small as 1 gallon tanks while others are as big as 8 gallon tanks. Once the tanks run out of water, they need to be manually filled up. With this kind of misting fan, it is important to always clean and empty the tanks after use. Allowing the water to become stagnant can result to breeding grounds for insects. Bacteria can also multiply and contaminate food and drinks when the mist is sprayed.
  • Continuous - With continuous misting fans, tanks are no longer necessary since the water supply would directly come from a faucet through a water hose. Because of this, there is no need to regularly replenish the water source. The mister will continuously spray water for as long as the faucet is open. Usually, the pressure of the misting fan would depend on how strong the faucet releases the water. If the pressure is not strong enough to create a fine mist, the nozzle can be adjusted to a proper setting.
  • Adjustable nozzle - The nozzle is where the water would exit as a mist. This can be adjusted to different settings to control whether the water would come out as a fine mist or as small water droplets. This feature is a great addition since the mist can be adjusted according to personal preferences. Water will also continuously flow through nozzle thanks to the non-clog feature that usually comes with it.

Indoor Use

To the surprise of many, misting fans are now popularly used indoors. Misting fans generally use water as the main coolant so many just assumed that every time the fan is used, everything around it would simply get wet. However, the adjustable nozzle and the pressure build up work together to deliver a fine and dry mist. When configured to this setting, the mist is so fine that it quickly evaporates before it touches any surface. Because of this, electronics, clothes and papers will remain dry while the fan still effectively cools the temperature.

Outdoor Use

Misting fans are perfect in lowering the temperatures when outdoors. Ordinary fans only provide temporary relief when artificial breeze passes through. It does little in circulating the air since the air is not confined in a closed space. With the addition of the mister, the air is cooled faster. The mist also hydrates plants when used inside a greenhouse. Aside from humans and plants, using the misting fan to cool down animals is also possible. In fact, animals would even appreciate droplets of water coming out from the nozzle rather than a fine mist. This can be done by adjusting the nozzle.

A misting fan is convenient to have during the summer season. It effectively cools down the area with its fan and mister working together. This combination can lower the temperature by as much as 40oF. Maintaining the fan is also a simple job. In fact, cleaning and simple repairs can be done by a homeowner. Overall, buying a misting fan is a smart choice to cool down backyards, barns and patio areas.

Auramist’s 30” mister is designed specifically for larger areas such as restaurants, factories, and warehouses.

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Live Chat versus Ads: Generating Leads for your Business

Online advertising and internet marketing are both very expensive and risky. The brutal competition crushes 97% of new businesses before they are even well-established. The only way to survive and prosper in the internet marketplace is proper planning, smart investments, and the right tools.

Some people consider live chat services and live chat software as the next big thing when it comes to internet marketing. With its chance to produce high rewards while staying low on costs, it can give any business the winning edge against competitors.

How expensive is Online Marketing?

A lot of online companies use online advertisements to promote their business, specifically Google Adwords. The problem is, it is extremely expensive and will probably cost more than what it can give for new businesses.

Live chat softwareAnother important piece of information that new internet businesses fail to realize is that 80% of the people who come to your website will be highly unlikely to return. The reason for this number is either they could not find the information they need or simply because the page is poorly designed that they’re having tough times finding answers for their questions.

This is one of the first problems that can be solved by using live chat software. Online live chat solutions give internet businesses the power to be directly involved in giving the much needed information to their visitors.

Imagine this; a typical visitor enters your website, browses a few pages, and then leaves. This is how the majority of visitors spend their time on your web site. However, with live chat software, a representative will attend to the visitor’s needs a few moments after browsing your web site. These live conversations will take place in almost 30% of all your visitors while about 24% can be turned into sales leads. This can ultimately increase your lead generation rate to almost 1000%. This is definitely more productive and more affordable than an online ad program.

To survive a competition as fierce as the internet market, you should always be open for ideas that can be the winning edge over your competitors. If you truly want to grow your online business, then you should only rely on what works best for internet marketing. Today, live chat services have proven over and over again that they are incredibly more productive than ad programs when it comes to generating leads.

Still, you can try to make ad programs work for your business, but it’s going to cost you a lot and is highly unadvisable for new online businesses. But once you think that your online business is capable enough to continue with an online ad campaign, you can do so to attract more traffic while your live chat program turn these visitors into leads. This will maximize the returns of each dollar you spend in online advertising.

By generating more sales leads, you are effectively increasing the profitability of your online business. Studies show that live chat increases the conversion rate of prospects by 31%. This is why some people consider live chat services as the key for increasing sales in an online business.

Online shoppers also look for convenience. Having a live chat representative walk you through the online store and provide the answer to all your questions is undeniably effective in making sales. Live chat is also a lot easier than to receive support thru telephone. One of the reasons for this is that the on-site interface is a lot easier to use than waiting for instructions and pressing numbers. Live chat is also more efficient since one agent can handle multiple conversations at once, while call center agents can only cater to one customer at a time.

Live chat services is one of the most trending internet marketing tools that provide promising results. Convenience, lower costs, increased sales, and the ability to digest better feedback from live chat participants are more than what you can ask for in an internet marketing tool.

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Significance of the Challenge Coin

challenge coinsThe challenge coin is a coin or medallion given by the military unit’s leader to his members. The tradition started during the World War I when a wealthy officer distributed specially designed coins to his troops before they embarked on their military assignments. It was called challenge coin because any member can “challenge” another member of the unit by demanding to see the coin. The coin was supposed to be with the member at all times.

The challenge coin was not just for keepsakes or mementos of the soldiers during the war. It stands for many things. Here are some of them.

Identification: The challenge coins bear the symbols, motto, trademark or specific design of a unit that would give an identity for the unit itself. It is given exclusively to the members of that particular unit only. It is sometimes equivalent to an ID or badge when no other means of identification is possible. It identifies which group or unit you belong. The coin serves as a token of how much they value the unit and how they take pride in being a member of that particular military unit. It also serves as their form of identification as to what unit they belong. The origin of the challenge coin is said to be because of this reason. When the young soldier was captured by the enemy, the coin was recognized and he was delivered from execution.

Allegiance: The challenge coins are tokens of allegiance or devotion to the unit. The members of the unit were each given a coin or medallion bearing the unit’s special design, insignia or motto as per the unit’s specification. The members are expected to remain loyal to the group. Sometimes, the members were assigned or promoted to new units and again receive a new challenge coin. They usually kept these as memento. Their allegiance remained to all the units they belonged to.

Brotherhood: The challenge coins symbolize brotherhood among the members of a unit. They consider each other as part of their own family. Whatever the need of one member, the others try to help. Sometimes, they treat each other more than blood brothers do. Even after their duty as soldiers, members of the same unit remain in contact with each other.

Camaraderie: The challenge coin is a unique tradition, which was exclusive to the military people before. It aims to promote harmony, unity and good relation among the members of the unit. It fosters a spirit of good friendship and fellowship. It also helps establish or boost morale among them. Although the act of challenging may seem offensive to others, but the truth is, it served to strengthen the bond of members to one another.

Appreciation: One of the accounts on the origin why challenge coins were distributed was to show appreciation for the soldier’s sacrifice and help in ensuring the safety of the country and maintaining its freedom. It was given too when a soldier did an exemplary performance during a battle. After a day’s battle, the soldiers who did very well were given the regular pay day and some bonus coins that are specially minted. This was the commanding officer’s way of thanking the soldiers.

During the Boer War, the secret handshake was initiated by the non-commissioned officers to appreciate the mercenaries hired during those days. They would publicly call the mercenary soldier and inside their palm, they would transfer the medal to the soldier in a secret handshake.

Recognition: The challenge coin was used as reward for noteworthy achievement and performance of a soldier during his time in a battle or war. Although most of the time, the medals of valor were awarded to the commanding officers, they were aware that the front liners were more deserving of these medals. In their own initiative, most of the commanding unit leaders distributed the coins to all their members as their way of recognizing the contribution of each soldier to the success of the battle.

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